Homdel's Saint John Vianney High School is allowing their students to make up snow days added onto the end of the school year without physically attending class.


Because of the very snowy winter Monmouth/Ocean experienced, many schools tacked on at least a week of school days at the end of the year.

According to nj.com, Saint John Vianney High School is taking a different approach to making these days up. The snow caused the school to need to make up three school days this year. It has already made up two of those days on March 5 and 17.

For the leftover day, students will be given the opportunity to take “virtual” classes via an online learning tool during their Easter Break.

The tool, named Blackboard, is the same used by many colleges and universities and allows learners to take part in educational opportunities - such as e-courses, online forums, and audio and video recordings – at their convenience between April 14 and 30.

The classroom teachers will create course content folders containing material to watch, read, or listen to. Students will then have discussions in the Virtual classroom, as well as have course specific assignments to complete during the aforementioned dates. The students were given several days to complete the assignments as an attempt by school officials to accommodate various family vacation scenarios.

It's worth noting that St. John's is a private school and all students are provided with a laptop for all four years.


  • Is the concept of "virtual" school a good idea?

  • Do you think students will take "virtual" classes seriously?

  • How is your school district making up snow days?

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