Even if you were fortunate enough to not suffer major damage from Sandy, odds are you have no power, and all you can do is wait. And odds are you have headed to the gas station to fill your car or generator, and all you can do is wait there as well.

I have spoken to workers from the power company and these hard working guys just haven't stopped. There working day and night. Based on what I've seen, if you don't have power, it's not for lack of trying. But that doesn't make it any less frustrating, or any warmer in your house at night.

As for the gas, that has everything to do with power as well. Many stations have the gas, they just don't have the power to pump it, and some of the trucks that need to be filled so they can deliver the gas can't because the power is out at the distribution site. Oh yeah, and then there are the  3 mile lines at the gas stations that do have power...more waiting. 

So we wait and hope that today is the day. And if not, we'll wait and hope tomorrow is the day.