Andrew Burton, Getty Images

It happened three times in one hour. Once would have been awesome, twice would have been amazing. Three times in an hour, three different neighbors knocked on my door to see if we needed anything at the store, needed help or just wanted a cup of coffee. We were fortunate. Aside from no power everything else was ok with us, but it was nice to know help was there. Countless times in the past few days, neighbors gathered in the street to help move some branches, start a generator or just take a break from the cleanup. It was clear that we were all out there to help each other. We also spent time talking about how fortunate we were in comparison to so many others.  

There are a few things for sure when it comes to restoring the Shore. It's going to take time. It's not going to be easy. It's going to prove how strong we are in New Jersey, and it's going to need neighbor helping neighbor.

In my mind, we can handle that here on the Jersey Shore. We're not afraid of hard work and a difficult task, and we'll keep going until it's done. No one could ever accuse us of not being strong and we have the greatest neighbors. We'll get this done...we are the Jersey Shore!!