Normally by now, county and municipal budgets are set. But Superstorm Sandy knocked the pins out of that plan, as many sit, anxiously awaiting the much-needed federal relief money. But what exactly is the holdup? It's a question Ocean County officials want to know.

We're going on eight months since the storm and the new hurricane season is already here. Officials in the county are undeniably very concerned. According to FEMA spokesman Chris McKniff the money is first given to the state who will then distribute it to the county and towns.

"We try to work as quickly as possible and there is a lot of paperwork the county and municipalities have to submit with their requests. We have been seeing positive developments each week," explained McKniff.

So far, Ocean County's Freeholder Board have introduced the spending plan for 2013 but have stopped short of adopting it till they find out exactly how much they're getting back for storm cleanup and debris removal which cost several million dollars. All in all, around $60 million was laid out by the county in the weeks after last October's storm.

In addition, 17 municipalities throughout the county are still waiting before making moves on their budgets as a result.

There's no word on when the money will actually arrive but McKniff tells us there are reimbursements happening every day.