Over the weekend, during the Tennessee Titans vs. New Orleans Saints football game, a very lucky cheerleader was given a surprise proposal on the field by her Santa suit-wearing boyfriend. She, of course, said yes, and everyone cheered at the cuteness...well, almost everyone.

What I am about to say will likely shake you to your very core. Brace yourselves, this might not be pretty (unlike that *cheerleader*).

While all you normal happy folk were reveling in the romance of it all...the rest of us cynical single gals were going, "Oh COME ON."

Not only is this girl the beautiful, iconic figure that all men lust after...now she gets the big romantic proposal too??

We hate this girl. I'm sure she's perfectly lovely, and more than deserving of everything she has. But we hate her. We're watching football because we are sick of watching romantic comedies and reality shows with happy people in perfect relationships spending holidays together...and yet, there it is again. There's no escape!

The holidays can be a little rough on a single girl...especially when you're the only single in a room full of couples. So, pardon us when we let a little bit o' bitter sneak out...there's just something about the question, "So...when are you gonna settle down?" that puts us all over the edge. I think I speak for us all when I say, TRUST ME, I would be happily coupled off if it were up to me.

But you better believe that there's still a tiny shred of hopeless romantic in me waiting for my Santa to get down on one knee...and I fully expect lots of single girls to curse me out when it happens.

Do you think public proposals are cheesy or romantic?