Yesterday, the Jersey Shore said goodbye to a landmark that housed many good times and memories.

Beth and Tim McCloone watch the demolition of The Rum Runner (photo: The Rum Runner Facebook)

Tim McCloone's Rum Rummer opened in 1987 and quickly became a Sea Bright hot spot. This would be the beginning of McCloone's restaurant empire.

Two weeks before Superstorm Sandy hit, Rum Runner celebrated its 25th anniversary. Unfortunately, the party stopped after the storm had past.

Although the building stayed on its foundation, it was flooded with 5 feet of water. Even so, McCloone vowed to rebuild. Tragically, our frigid winter caused pipes to burst and ruin what was repairable.

While yesterday was sad, the future looks "bright" for Sea Bright. Tim McCloone will be completely rebuilding The Rum Runner and he expects it to be bigger and better than ever. Completion is set for summer 2015.

Here's what we have to look forward to next season. Good luck Tim!

The Rum Runner 2015 (photo: The Rum Runner Facebook)

Watch the demolition of the original Rum Runner