I made my way to Asbury Park yesterday. I didn't have a ticket to the presidential speech, but I really wanted to see the motorcade.

President Obama's limo speeds through Spring Lake Heights (YouTube)

Being there as the police were preparing was amazing. Local police and state troopers were working together on a very busy day. Helicopters were flying overhead, the press was everywhere and people were lining the street to catch a glimpse.

And as we all stood in the rain, down the street came the most powerful man in the world with his entourage of Secret Service and police.  At that moment, The President of the United States was making his way toward our very own Asbury Park and was driving right past us.

It was over in the blink of an eye. The police vehicles, the Presidential Limo, and the stream of vehicles that followed were approaching the boardwalk in no time. What a moment.

When it comes to politics, we all debate and disagree, and what an amazing right that is. An event like the Presidential motorcade really made me fill with pride about being an American, and with the visit so close to Memorial Day, it had me reflecting on the incredible sacrifices made to give us the freedoms we have.

The day also had me appreciating the hard work of local police and state police. Most of us probably don't have a clue about all the local and state police do for us, but we certainly appreciate it.