What lengths will you go to in order to please your cat?

Meet Kisses, our one-year-old Maine Coone (adopted from the Monmouth County SPCA).

When we got him, he was four months old and looked like a 'normal' tabby. Then he started becoming this giant, furry, HUNGRY cat. That's when I realized I have a cat on my hands that can grow up to 30 pounds for his breed and needs lots of food.

Except that he decided he's finicky. Oh, I tried to start him off as a kitten with the most inexpensive food and that worked...for a while. But now he will turn his nose at any food that he doesn't like. And then talk...loudly...until I find myself arguing with him about how I am not on this earth just to please him.

And then I go back to the store and buy the food he likes.

We've taken to calling him "The King".

Well, this month is dedicated to finding ways to keep our feline friends happy, healthy, and purring all year long.

After all, who hasn't spoiled their pet from time to time?