You know I love a good blast from the past! (Flashback Cafe, anyone?)

Miller Lite is going retro by bringing back their old school white can, and we've teamed up to celebrate all summer long, with our 'Wayback Wednesdays!'

Miller Lite

Here is my #wbwMillerLite pic: Instagram yours to us! (Use #wbwMillerLite and #itsmillertime) We want your retro selfies and other pics from back in the day, and we want to hear your favorite Miller stories, too!

My Miller story? I spent a good portion of my days at Penn State (and many weekends to come after I graduated) drinking Miller Lite, and it contributed to some very memorable tailgates and nights out. It's definitely an easy-drinking summer party staple!

Start Instagramming those Wayback photos -- don't forget the hashtags! -- or e-mail them to me at, and you could see them featured in our gallery!