Urban Dictionary is a web-based dictionary of slang words and phrases, which contains 7 million definitions. Similar to Wikipedia, anyone can submit a definition for all to see. A simple search of "Jersey Shore" yielded hundreds of thousands definitions for MTV's "Jersey Shore." They ranged from the mild to wild. In between there were user submitted definitions of the Jersey Shore and most of them weren't flattering.


Here are just a few of the definitions of our Jersey Shore:

A beach in New Jersey filled with dead bodies, radioactive water and hookers.
Where people go to cheat on their boyfriends/girlfriends etc. A place of no moral grounding. It's not called a beach cause trash gets washed ashore. For example: Jersey Girls. To take part in the Jersey Shore experience pretend you can't read, get a jailhouse build, wear wifebeaters everyday, spend the off season in tanning salons, wear two pounds of gel in your hair, talk about how much you hate black people, but party to music created by black people, make sure you can borrow mommy/daddy's car, wear cheap jewelery.
A disgusting place full of disgusting people. Many people in eastern PA go there, only because it's so close, and then bitch constantly about how much they hate it. It is extremely crowded and there is no high-end luxurious place to stay. Often referred to as the opposite of the French Riviera or the worst beaches/shores in the world.

TELL US! Is this a fair way to describe where we live? What would your definition of the Jersey Shore be? Leave your thoughts in the comments section below.