I think most people in Monmouth and Ocean Counties are pretty good people and pretty nice neighbors. We'll share milk and sugar, and even throw an extra burger or two on the grill for each other once in a while. But when it comes to shortcuts that can get us around summer traffic, we keep those secrets like they are matters of national security.

You know what,  it makes sense. Those shortcuts work because nobody knows about them. Less cars = less traffic. Even I can do that math. You may choose to tell select people in your circle of friends and family if you find a good one, but you feel compelled to swear them to secrecy.

We've all had that conversation. You say something like "I'm going to give you a better way to go....but don't tell ANYONE." And we say it with our teeth clenched in a Clint Eastwood type whisper. This is serious stuff. 

As we head into another Jersey shore summer weekend let's consider this. Is there any better way to help a neighbor than to share these valuable secrets? Maybe we can just tell one person about a great shortcut around the summer traffic. Just one person. Ooooor...we can just let 'em take the Parkway like everybody else.