When you see this picture, what comes to mind?

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Perhaps sadness, shock, and memories of summer's past come flooding back into your mind. Chances are when you see this, the feeling isn't good. The process of Restore the Shore is underway and it's going to take a lot innovative ideas and implementations to get us near where we used to be. Personally, I don't think making the shell of a landmark and reminder of the worst days the Jersey Shore has ever seen a "tourist attraction" is a wise move.

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Seaside Heights' mayor Bill Akers told WNBC-TV that the ride would be

a great tourist attraction

if it stays where it is.

The Mayor is working with The Coast Guard to see if the structure is stable enough to leave it alone.

While most would say we should be open to any idea that would increase revenue in a town that has been demolished, it's just wrong.

When Seaside rebuilds and reopens, do we really want that constant reminder of how Hurricane Sandy destroyed more than just boardwalks and amusement rides, but the lives of thousands of people?

Many engineers will tell you the piers and the rides never should have been built that far out into the water. I doubt they will again.

The Mayor says the Seaside boardwalk rebuild will begin in January and they hope to be finished by Memorial Day.

Let's get a fresh start by reopening the business and attractions that are Seaside staples and knock down the the skeleton of bad memories of a storm we'll never forget.

What do you think? Should the roller coaster be a "tourist attraction?" What would you do with it? Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.