In this dreary, chilly and damp weather there is added meaning to making someone's day a little better or a little less lonely. Here are some simple ideas to get you thinking.

1. Buy a cup of coffee for the person behind you in line.

2. Give your spouse or significant other a small gift on your next date night.

3. Say thanks and give a nice smile to the people who serve you...waiters, janitors,receptionists, etc. 

4. Send a gift basket or flowers to the hotel room of a friend on a long trip.

5. Stay late to help a co-worker finish an important project.

6. Help with leaves, weeds, trees, bushes, or the lawn of a neighbor who is overwhelmed at work.

7. Take some food over to a family who's suffering from financial hardship.

8. If you are a parent, plan a special day with your kids...but don't thell them in advance.

9. Call and invite an old friend over for coffee.

10. Spend some time with an elderly neighbor or friend who is lonely.