Six months ago, Sandy slammed into the Jersey Shore, and and changed almost everything. If you're anywhere at the Jersey Shore, it's not a far ride to see devastation that looks like it happened just yesterday.

So many things have changed. None of us look at a weather forecast the same. The mere mention of wave height or surge send chills up and down our spine. A simple drive down a road we had travelled on over a hundred times prior to Sandy tightens our throats and drops a tear down our cheek.

The memory of piles of destroyed personal possessions sitting at the curb will be etched in our minds forever. Sandy was not just a storm. It was much more personal than that. Sandy was mean and angry and tried to destroy our spirits while it devastated our shore. No one will deny that Sandy succeeded in claiming our property, but it failed to put a dent in the Jersey Shore spirit.

That's why the headline reads "almost everything". Sandy never changed who we are here at the Jersey Shore. We are good people who don't hesitate to help our family, friends and neighbors, no matter how monumental the task. And we do it with the Jersey attitude that makes us who we are, and reminds us why we love living here. 

So, six months later, I have never been prouder of the Jersey Shore. and through the heartbreak and tears we have endured, in many ways I feel like we're stronger than ever, and we've needed to be.