I'm not going to fight it anymore. Diane and I were shopping for Halloween decorations this week, and in the background was the sound of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town". I haven't even said "trick or treat" and I already have to be worried about being good...for goodness sake.

Like I said, I'm done fighting it. I love Christmas, so let the fun begin! Why not extend the season. Let the season of joy and giving start before the leaves fall, before we've even picked our pumpkins. Let it begin six weeks before the turkey and the stuffing! And, oh yeah. Let the shopping begin. too

Every year, I ask people how much holiday shopping they've done, mostly because I want to find someone in worse shopping shape than I'm in. I always wind up finding someone who says, "I'm done...finished in September."

Maybe this year, I'll hear "Santa Claus is Coming To Town" enough times that I'll actually get started and be ahead of the game for a change. Yeah, right.