Some people have the strength and time to help victims rip up their destroyed floors. Others are wondering how they could possibly help make an impact. Here are some little things...and a few big things...that will help get you thinking.

First Baptist Church of Manasquan (on South Street) has come up with a unique way to help a family at the shore. They're calling it the "Kitchen Recovery Kit." Carefully pack a rubbermade bin with service for four, flatware, mixing bowls, and a few pots and pans. Seal it with tape and label it with the contents, then bring it to the church and they will give it to a family that is starting over with nothing!

"Box of Socks" is an idea thought up by a former Jersey Girl who now lives in Chattanooga. Since members of our fire departments and soldiers say they have enough hot meals but could use socks, the Chattanooga fire department is collecting donations of new socks to transport here. After all, socks are affordable, nonperishable, and easy to send. So maybe you can start your own box of socks collection for locals who are out in work boots laboring for hours in the clean-up efforts.

And now for some of the 'bigger' things that some may be able to help with:

Furniture is needed for those who can get back into their homes and start rebuilding.

Students need to replace lap tops and cell phones.

Mattresses and kitchen appliances are needed.

If you have a truck and can help transport large items to homes, that could be a big help.

If you have a second car please consider lending it out. There are no rental cars available.

If you can take in a family who has lost everything, please give that some thought, as there are no rooms in hotels even for those given FEMA vouchers.

And the holidays are right around the corner. Many people have nothing left. Many had to use all of their cash to purchase meals or even just start over in replenishing the contents lost in their refrigerators and freezers. Many spent it all on batteries, flashlights, and things they never would have needed before the storm. And for those people, that would have been their Christmas shopping money. Maybe you can buy some holiday gifts...or a Thanksgiving dinner...for a family or two.

If you are in a business that is up and running and you have any employment opportunities, consider that many lost their jobs...and any type of work will help.