The good news is that a new germ-fighting screen could be in our future.

Smart Phones carry more germs that doorknobs, pet food dishes, checkout and ATM screens, kitchen counters, and toilet seats. Yuck.

But now the company that brought us glass bakeware is working on glass technology that can kill both drug-resistant bacteria and drug-resistant viruses.

Corning began working on the anti-microbial technology for the healthcare industry but now sees the potential for a much bigger market.

Germ-fighting screens would be a welcome upgrade to any cellphone owner!

And it's not just new glass technology being studied at Corning. The company is also developing an anti-reflective glass that will make it easier to see screens outside in the sun. When you see a photo of the difference between what we currently see on our screens and what we could see, you'll be excited about what could be coming in the future!