When you think of the people in pop culture that you would choose to be a "good rolemodel," The Jersey Shore's Snooki must be in at least your Top 5 right? According to Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi, she's got it all. When I say "she," I'm talking about "Nicole." As a matter of fact, Snooki came out and said her character is not a good rolemodel. Reality TV...right. Nicole says she's independant, very strong and...loveable? "Snooki" on the other hand is just there to have fun.

I think we all have many facits to our personality. The fun side, the business side, etc. I've always wondered how much "reality" there is on The Jersey Shore. Snooki says right here that she is a "character." And man, is that a nice way of putting it.

Do you think "Snooki" or "Nicole" are good rolemodels? Who in pop culture do you think are good rolemodels?