Well, there's no avoiding it now, winter is here, and for a lot of kids (and incredibly lucky adults) today's storm means two things: snow day...and guaranteed boredom as the day drags on.

It might be a little while until the snow accumulates enough to play in (it's a little bit of a slushy mess on the ground right now) so you'll definitely need some ideas to pass the time.

1) Hit the kitchen.
Laurie Cataldo

Baking cookies is a great way to spend quality time with the kids, summon your creativity, and...wind up with freshly baked cookies. Whether it's a basic sugar cookie, my new favorite chocolate chip lava cookies, or my old standby Russian teacakes (you don't need eggs for them!), you'll fill your house with delicious smells and fun memories.

2. Start a scavenger hunt.

This will take a bit of planning, but it can be a lot of fun. Write the list of things to look for on a zip bag so the kids have something to put their loot in as they go through the house. Maybe hide small fun-sized candy bars (just remember where you put them!), handwritten notes, small toys, or other trinkets. You can also have them look for easy stuff, like a pillow, a book that starts with the letter 'P,' or maybe that missing earring that you KNOW is around here somewhere...

3. Have a board game tournament!

Depending on how many people are around, you could do this a few ways...best of 3 games, player elimination, whatever will cause the least amount of crying. Winner gets to pick which movie to watch! Which leads to...

4. Bring the movie theater to you!

Dim the lights, bust out the snacks, turn up the volume and pretend like you're out at the movies...without the gross sticky floor.

5. Showcase your artistic side.

A common motto in radio is, 'if it's for free, it's for me!' That's a big part of why I like this one...you can download and print paper craft patterns for free and make cool figures and ornaments. (There are even ones that older kids might be into!)

6. Cuddle up with a good book.

Know that book that's been collecting dust for months because you never can find the time for it? This is the time.

7. Get all that pesky cleaning done.

I don't recommend this for the kids, it will be HIGHLY unpopular, but for the grownups, get the cleaning out of the way now, and when the sun finally returns this weekend (hopefully), you won't be stuck working on your chores. Isn't being an adult awesome? -_-

8. Play video games.

Have your kids show you what they spend so many hours doing everyday. Or if you're a late twentysomething, dig out your N64 and school someone in MarioKart.

9. Test your photography skills.
Laurie Cataldo

The snow may make a lot of us curmudgeon-y types grumble, but it doesn't make for some pretty pictures. Snap some Winter Wonderland shots, (and feel free to e-mail them to me at laurie.cataldo@townsquaremedia.com!)

10. Have a dance party!

Obviously you're listening to 94.3 the Point, so turn up the tunes and have a dance party!

11. Head outside.
Flickr user skpy

Okay, surely by the time you finish the first 10 things, there will be enough snow on the ground to have some kind of fun outside. Channel your inner little kid by having a snowball fight, making snow angels, going sledding, or perhaps hitting the slopes!

12. Warm up your insides.

After all that frosty playtime, you'll want to warm up. It's time for comfort food via some soup and hot chocolate.

13. When all else fails...

Sometimes there is no escaping the whining, whether it's from yourself or the little ones. In that instance, adults, make yourself a drink. May I suggest one of our cocktails of the week? Spiked hot chocolate, Peanut Butter Cup Martini, or Holiday Shandy perhaps?

No matter what you do today, be safe, and have fun!

How are you spending your snow day? Tell us in the comment section below!