Years from now, when we look back on the aftermath of Sandy, one of the things that will stand out is just how much the FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties was there for us in an amazing time of need.

The FoodBank is always there for so many neighbors along the Jersey Shore, and some of the numbers are truly hard to believe. Here are just a handful of numbers that will amaze you.

The FoodBank distributes 7,000,000 pounds of food annually through 260 feeding programs.

Each year over 127,000 receive food from the network of agencies the FoodBank serves.

They teamed up with relief agencies and government programs and were involved with delivering approximately 1 million meals post Sandy.

The Foodbank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties is aided by nearly 1000 volunteers a year. 

They can turn a $1 donation into three meals.

There is no doubt that the FoodBank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties has been there for us and is a big part of the recovery effort. Get all the info on how you can help or get help by visiting