The Monmouth County SPCA received a tip that they passed on to the Prosecutor's Office, leading to the rescue of some sweet, beautiful dogs that would have been forced to fight.

It breaks my heart to know that there are dog fighting rings right here in Monmouth and Ocean Counties. But there are.

The Monmouth County SPCA says if you ever see vehicles parked around a vacant or semi-vacant building, that could be a sign of dog fighting. Please report it to the police.

The Prosecutors Office has now released the dog victims of this ring...and the Monmouth County SPCA has been working with them and getting them ready for adoption. These are sweet, precious dogs like Spanky, who came into our studios this morning.

Such a love! All he wanted to do was rest his head on our knees while we were on the air. He deserves a great home after what he's been through. It's hard to believe that he was once forced to defend himself in a fight. Dog Fighting Rings and those who run them must be stopped.

For information on any of the wonderful animals available for adoption at both the Monmouth County SPCA main headquarters in Eatontown and their Homeward Bound Adoption Center on the lower lever of Freehold Raceway Mall, go to