When I heard that a team of workers at Jenkinson's Aquarium lived at the aquarium for days, during and after Sandy, I knew they would have some amazing stories.

Jenkinsons (Lou Russo, Townsquare Media NJ)

The team was, of course, there to keep the animals safe from the storm and that was a pretty frightening prospect, since none of us really knew the extent of what Sandy was going bring.

Their stories, which we are playing segments of all day during our 13 hour "Point in Time" show today from Jenkinson's Aquarium, are amazing. Tune in throughout the day to hear all the team went through to get through the storm.

Don't miss the story about how they had to move the penguins from their exhibit to a safer spot in the aquarium during the storm.

The great news is no animals were injured during the storm, thanks in great part to a team of dedicated workers who were there to keep them safe. We are glad that the team at Jenks Aquarium shared their stories with us today.