One of the great landmarks that Asbury Park has to offer is The Stephen Crane House, located at 508 4th Ave.

Asbury Park has such a rich history, and a big part of that is the Stephen Crane House. Stephen Crane, the famous author who wrote amazing literature like The Red Badge of Courage, lived in the home from when he was 11 until he was about 20.

He started to write when he was in Asbury Park, and one of his earliest works, The Black Riders was inspired by the beaches in Ocean Grove, according to the Asbury Park Historical Society website. The website says the Stephen Crane House is probably one of the oldest homes in Asbury Park.

TripAdvisor lists The Stephen Crane House as one of the top 3 landmarks to visit in Asbury Park along with the Asbury Park Boardwalk and the Paramount Theater and Convention Hall.

Get more details on the Stephen Crane House at the Asbury Park Historical Society website.