"Oh Sandy: an Anthology of Humorous Stores for a Serious Cause" will benefit organizations that are continuing to assist in recovery efforts.

Although Superstorm Sandy wasn't very funny to those whose homes were devastated, or even for those who suffered 'nothing more' than losing 13 or more days of power and everything in their fridge/freezer, laughter can sometimes be the best medicine and that's the premise behing this anthology.

One of the authors, James Butler of Matawan, who used to live in Union Beach and still coaches youth soccer there, went there every day after the storm to help his parents, friends, and his soccer player families clean up and rebuild. All the while, he carried around a notebook and wrote down his thoughts about what he saw.

Months later, someone told him about authors being needed for the anthology and James submitted some of the comical stories he had told on his Facebook posts based on that little notebook he had been carrying around.

Other stories in the anthology are based on humorous reflections, stories, and poem about Hurricane Sandy.

Oh Sandy is now available as both an e-book and print version at: www.amazon.com/Oh-Sandy-Anthology-Serious-Purpose/dp/1483926125.