There's another storm in the forecast for Wednesday into Thursday.

So what can we expect?

Based on the storm's current track, Alan Kasper is forecasting rain and strong winds, with some moderate coastal flooding, especially during high tide. Some places might even see some snow.

If you live in an area prone to flooding, or an area that is now especially vulnerable to flooding because of Sandy damage, you should be extra vigilant.

Don't wait until the last minute to prepare.

FEMA suggests an important step in preparing for flooding is having an emergency kit ready to go, with 3 days worth of food, water, and essential supplies. The hope is that you won't need it, but it's better to have it just in case.

Move all of your important things (like insurance/legal papers and family heirlooms) to the higher levels of your house.

If you're heading out, don't drive through standing never know how deep the water is, and you'd be surprised at how easily you can destroy your car.

There is a difference between preparedness and panic, though. You know that come Wednesday, grocery store shelves will be cleared out, with no milk, bread, or batteries to be found anywhere. (I still don't understand the milk/bread thing. Buy non-perishables if you're stocking up for the long haul, people.)

Who wants to deal with that insanity?

Go today, or early tomorrow, and avoid the rush.

The good news? We'll be here at the Point to keep you informed and entertained through it all.