If you have a third or fourth-grader and live in Monmouth County, you and your whole family are invited to a very special FREE program.

This free 14-week (once a week) program for Monmouth County parents, grandparents, guardians, and their 3rd and 4th graders uses award-winning ideas that have been recognized by the World Health Organization as a model parenting program to help you have a better relationship with your child and set them on the right path in regard to the choices they make at home, in school, and with their friends, siblings, and parents.

Families will learn how to improve communication skills, develop effective conflict resolution techniques, set goals and start holding family meetings.

Research shows the more often families give each other their undivided attention, the less likely children are to get involved with drugs, alcohol, tobacco and/or other risky behaviors. They are also more likely to earn good grades in school. And family meals go a long way to help.

So each week of this program, a family dinner will be held. That's right... a free meal for your whole family from one of your favorite local restaurants, and the meal includes your other children, too, not just your third or fourth-grader. (After dinner, the siblings can go to the free childcare provided on premises.)

Sign up your family now for the sessions beginning Wednesday, September 11th, each Wednesday from 6 - 8 pm. This is an active program where everyone gathers for dinner, then the kids gather in groups while the adults gather in groups to learn strategies for things like not arguing, creating a happy home environment, and so much more.

At the end of every session, everyone gathers together for some really fun practice skills. You will bond with other families, get closer to your own children, and look forward to this once-a-week time spent together as your family conquers issues you've been frustrated by and work toward some very hopeful goals for your family and child.

Gifts and prizes are even awarded to families with regular attendance (when we went, we got movie theatre passes and Target gift cards!)

When the program comes to an end, an awesome 'graduation ceremony' will be held where everyone will receive a certificate. There are goosebumps and tears as you realize how grateful your family is to have experienced such a meaningful program.

Sign up by September 4th, as space is limited. Contact Alyson Zilai at azilai@barnabashealth.org or call her at 732-942-5753. Presented by Barnabas Health Institute for Prevention.