Okay so maybe your office already feels like a zoo and you are already working like a dog.....

But it turns out having animals around at the office could actually be a good thing! Research finds that bringing your pet to work could help reduce stress.

The study looked at offices in which many people already bring their dogs to work on a regular basis. Researchers measured employees' stress levels throughout the day and found that people with dogs at work have their stress level drop by more than ten percent by the end of the work day.

But the stress levels of people who don't bring a dog to work go up by as much as 70 percent by the time the work day is over.

Experts say similar results have been show with bringing your cat to work!  Have you seen Cee Lo Green on The Voice holding his Persian Cat while he discusses the contestants?! I love it!

If I could, I'd bring my Maine Coone to work every day and pet him every time Lou picks on me. Bet I'd be so much better off : )