Everybody argues, but the speed at which you calm down matters to the marriage, at least it does if you are the wife.

A study done on the topic out of UC Berkeley, and reported at sciencedaily.com, says that they found over and over that, "marriages in which wives quickly calmed down during disputes were ultimately shown to be the happiest, both in the short and long run".

Ironically, the speed at which the husband calms down after an argument seems to have little impact on the happiness of the marriage. The study followed more than 80 couples.

And here's another interesting finding. When wives talked about the problems and suggested solutions, it helped the situation. Men, on the other hand were found to jump into "solution mode" too quickly. No shock there, right?

This particular study focused on middle aged and senior couples and researchers say it would be interesting to see what dynamics surfaced with younger couples.