In the midst of this past cold, brutal, icy, snowy long, ugly, polar vortex winter, didn't you get the feeling summer at the Jersey Shore will never get here? Well, guess what? It just did.

Subtract the sound of snow shovels scraping along the ground, the howling of the wind, snow plows barreling down the streets of Monmouth and Ocean Counties. Add the sound of sea gulls, waves crashing on the beach and games at the boardwalk.

This is that wonderful time of year when the Jersey Shore truly comes to life. It's the time the place we call home becomes the world's destination. It makes me feel lucky to live here.

So break out the grills and chef hats and have a burger. Or head to the boardwalk for a nice sausage and pepper sandwich. Or get up early one morning and beat the beach crowd so you can enjoy a sea gull concert. Or hit the boardwalk and people watch.

Whatever you decide to do...enjoy it. It's summer, and we certainly earned this one!