With all the craziness that is a Jersey shore summer, it's nice to take a minute and soak in some little things that make us happy. I wanted to share one with you.

We all get caught up in vacation plans, barbeques, parties, family events, parking spots and traffic during our summer days, and sometimes we don't (or can't) leave ourselves a few minutes to enjoy something as basic as a beautiful evening summer sky.

I was sitting on the deck, finishing a cigar last night after mowing the lawn while Diane was in the house doing one of the hundred things she does every day, and I looked up and saw this awesome sight. A beautiful full moon just before sunset (at least it looked like a full moon), so I called Diane to come and check it out.

She snapped this shot of it and I wanted to share it with you in case you missed it. Nice, right? Summer is flying by, so enjoy those vacations, barbeques, parties and family events, but try to find a minute to look up once in a while!