With back-to-school time approaching, are you feeling like the summer flew by without time for you to do something new and different with your children? Well, here are some ideas that you still have time to squeeze in.

1. Man a Mission to Mars at the Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum in NYC. Your kids will get a glimpse of how NASA's space program operated while checking out the Intrepid and the Space Shuttle Enterprise. Also drop by the Discovery Deck any weekend for arts, crafts and scientific experiments. In Explorum Hall there are interactive space exhibitions for kids of all ages. And for the children who love adventure, check out the three different Simulators on the ship for the exhilaration of feeling like you're piloting your own jet plane or space ship. www.intrepidmuseum.org

2. Smell the Roses and see the fountains and waterfalls at Longwood Gardens in Kennet Square, PA. When your little surfers are ready to dry out and you need a change of scenery, take a trip to Longwood Gardens. It's a beautiful outdoor alternative to a day in the sand. Exotic plants from around the world in spectacular settings and three storybook tree houses to explore. Take a stroll through the Honeycomb Maze in the Bee-aMazed Children's Garden, discover hidden secrets in a greehouse scavenger hunt, and check out the dancing fountains that shoot water 130 feet into the air. www.longwoodgardens.org

3. All Aboard at Northlandz in Flemington, NJ. Plan a trip to the world's largest model railroad museum. Home to 100 trains that travel more than 8 miles of track. And it's not just tracks...it's bridges and canyons, cities and villages with thousands of buildings. Impressive for kids and adults alike. For little girls, there is also a 200+ doll collection, with a 94 room dollhouse. And a Club Car to grab a little lunch. www. northlandz.com

4. Head to Wild West City in Netcong, NJ. Saddle up your cowboys and head west. Be taken back to Main Street in the year 1880. Walk through Main Street and watch and participate in real life re-enactments as the town sheriff goes after the notorious Jesse James. While on Main Street, make sure you visit the General Store, pan for gold, or take a ride on the stage coach (watch out for bandits along the way). There's even a shoot-out on Main Street! www.wildwestcity.com

5. Discover a Dinosaur Dreamland at Field Station Dinosaurs, Secaucus. It's a theme park featuring 31 life-sized animatronic dinosaurs, spanning 20 acres. Kids can see how dinosaurs looked, moved and sounded millions of years ago. Take your kid on a walk in the woods folowing mysterious pathways and mountain trails to see what dinosaurs are lurking in this wild park. Check out shows and demos, too, including  dino feeding frenzy and more. www.fieldstationdinosaurs.com

6. Hidden Treasures in Central Park, NYC. There's so much to do here. There's the Central Park Zoo, the Carousel, Belvedere Castle...and more. 21 playgrounds, each with a unique theme and personality, many with water features. There's the Boat House where you and your little sailors can rent a boat and row across the 22 acre lake. Or rent a model sailboat that you can control and direct from land through the waters of the Conservatory Water pond. Your little ones can also do some catch-and-release fishing at the Harlem Meer...borrowing the equipment for free. And there's the Peter Jay Sharp Children's Glade and their "A Clearing In the Forest" series on alternating Sundays at noon. It combines interactive dance, music, art, storytelling, wildlife, and puppetry performances. And the Wolman Rink is converted to an amusement park filled with exciting rides and carnival games in the summer. Or...just pack a picnic lunch and play frisbee on the Great Lawn. The people-watching alone is amazing! www.centralpark.com

7. Meet an Albino Alligator at the Maritime Aquarium in Norwalk, CT. There are plent of aquariums and zoos and farms...but this aquarium stars a white albino alligator who is visiting through Labor Day. Known as the 'great white of the wetlands', he is one of the rarest animals in the world. Another favorite exhibit is the harbor seals. www.maritimeaquarium.org