It's the last official summer week and my kids and I had a picture perfect time at the beach. I even tried something that I never had before!

We rode our bikes to Manasquan beach in the early summer evening and it was simply gorgeous. The boys, their friend, and I went to Carlson's Corner, (a favorite place of ours which had been destroyed by Sandy and is now back in business), and I tried my very first fried oreo! How could I never have known how incredible this would be?

We watched a gorgeous sunset and a beautiful moonrise, and enjoyed the beautiful new playground donated after the hurricane and in honor of little Olivia, one of the victims of the Sandy Hook shooting. The playground is a sign of pure love, strength, hope, and joy. And that's the way we said goodbye to the beach for the summer.

(Charly and the fried oreo!)

Of course, we are lucky enough to live here, so we will continue to enjoy the beach all fall and beyond...but it's always bittersweet to say goodbye to summer at the shore.