Believe it or not, not everyone knows all about football. But if you'd like to learn before the Big Game...there's a great little local 'class' tomorrow (Saturday) morning in Middletown!

Superbowl 101 is open to all ages. Because not all of the over 100 million people who will be watching the Big Game understand how it's played.

What's an offensive tackle? How many downs are there? Why are the refs throwing those yellow hankies?

In preparation for the game, you'll watch clips of NFL game footage and learn about positions, basic rules, and what to watch for on Superbowl Sunday.

So this year you won't have to feel like the only part of the Superbowl you understand is the commercials!

Superbowl 101 takes place at Thompson Park tomorrow morning (Sat., Feb 2nd) from 10 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., $9 per person.

Call 732-842-4000 or email  for more details.