A woman's screams prevented a near child-luring in Toms River, say township police. The same woman - the youngster's aunt - gave police a description of the suspect, and they're now looking to question him.

Sketch of Toms River luring suspect (Toms River Police)

Police did not disclose the woman's identity but said that she was minding the young boy around 6 PM on Friday, June 20, as he played in a fenced portion of his front yard on Terrace Avenue near Marian Street.

According to information she gave to police, the driver who stopped his car near the spot apparently didn't notice her. She told officers she distinctly heard him say "Come on, I got candy."

That is when the aunt screamed and bolted toward the car, which took off in a hurry on Terrace Avenue westbound toward Hooper Avenue, police said.

He's described as a white male, thin, clean-shaven, early to mid 20s, with medium-long black hair. The vehicle is described as a black or dark blue SUV with New Jersey plates.

All information is kept confidential. Police can take private messages at their Facebook page. Detective Louis Santora can be reached at 732-349-0150, extensiton 1276.