Forgetting A Friend’s Birthday
We've all done it. If you've been listening to the morning show this week, you know Liz did it this week. Forgetting a friend's birthday is always awkward.
Area School Districts Ban Birthday Food [POLL]
It used to be when someone in your elementary school class had a birthday, cupcakes or Munchkins were enjoyed by all. Well, times have changed and things aren't so "sweet" as many school districts are banning birthday treats and food of any kind from the classroom.
Who’s The Worst Secret Keeper On Earth? I Vote For Liz
I was sitting there minding my own business as usual. Liz is on her side of the table and she has clearly just gotten a text. She reads it, looks up at me and says the words that have made her, at least in my mind, the worst secret keeper on the planet.
Happy 100th Birthday Oreos!
Oreo Cookies celebrate their 100th Anniversary today, and what kind of cookie lover would I be if I didn't celebrate with their Birthday Cake flavored treats?
So are they any different than the original?