Offensive Definition of Brick
Recently I took to Urban Dictionary to see what the site entries had to say about Monmouth County. It wasn't pretty. This is Urban Dictionary after all. If you thought that was bad, wait until you see what appeared when I typed in "Bricktown."
You Know You’re from Brick When…
Some call it Brick, Brick Twp or even Bricktown when they're feeling nostalgic. 32 jam-packed square miles including Adamston, Breton Woods,Burrsville, Cedar Bridge, Cedarwood Park, Cherry Quay, Greenbriar, Havens Cove, Havens Point, Herbertsville, Herring Island, Lanes Mills,Laurelton, Mandalay Par…
Jersey Shore Photo Of The Week
For all the traffic and hassles we deal with at the Jersey Shore area, we sure are lucky to live here. And sometimes it just takes a picture to remind us.

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