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My Amazing Grandmother – And Her Texts
When you think that our grandparents grew up without computers and even TV in some cases, it's amazing that many older folks are adapting to new technology. This past Christmas we introduced my Grandmother to the cell phone and...texting.
When Is Too Late (Or Early) To Call/Text? [POLL]
It's definitely happened to you...you finally fall asleep and **ring** **ring**. You wake up in a stupor trying to figure out what that sound is, squint at the clock, and groggily answer the phone.
"Hello?" "Oh...were you sleeping?" "IT'S 3 A.M.!…
Have Cell Phones Made Us Addicted To Technology?
It wasn't long ago that none of us had cell phones. I remember when I first got one...I was almost 15, and my brother was about to get his driver's license...so I used that to convince my mom that we should both have one. You know, for safety. More than 10(!!) years later, and I can't…