Another Thing I’m Thankful For: Volunteers
My phone hasn't stopped ringing since Sandy. People who are volunteering for a charity helping Sandy victims, organizers of events to aid their neighbors, or people who feel very lucky that there damage was limited and want to do something to help those who weren't as fortunate.
New York Giants Make Contribution To Sandy Relief Efforts
The New York Giants football organization has donated $500,000 to Sandy relief, according to The money will be split between New York and New Jersey, with the money going to both the Hurricane Sandy New Jersey Relief Fund and the Mayor's Fund to Advance New York City.
Help The Molly Marie Angel Fund Help A Very Sick Puppy
The Molly Marie Angel Fund started at Bricktown Veterinary Hospital with an eight year old dog Molly (pictured) who had a tumor in her spine and required very expensive treatment the owners just couldn't afford. Bricktown Vet came up with the idea for the fund and Molly was able to get her trea…

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