Snow Blankets Jersey Shore
I went to the home improvement store to do a little shopping and pick up some Halloween stuff Saturday. I, like most people, try to shut down a little bit on the weekend, so I hadn't heard the forecast. I just didn't expect all the snow.
Sleigh Bells Are Ringing…Are You Listening? [POLL]
I'm not going to fight it anymore. Diane and I were shopping for Halloween decorations this week, and in the background was the sound of "Santa Claus Is Coming To Town". I haven't even said "trick or treat" and I already have to be worried abou…
The Trippiest Cookies I Have Ever Eaten
I really believe that one of the best things about the holidays is the surplus of desserts around every corner. (My waistline may beg to differ, but this is a cookie post, not a New Year's resolution post.) Yesterday's treats though, were the most delightfully trippy and beautiful cookies …
The Ultimate Awkward Gift Exchange [POLL]
I finished my Christmas shopping way early this year. My family decided to do a Secret Santa exchange for the adults, which worked out really well and made life much easier. The only other gifts I had to buy were for my immediate family...I thought I did a decent job this year, until we opened the p…
Top 5 Christmas Cookie Recipies
Christmas without cookies is like Santa without his reindeer, a tree without ornaments, like...well, you "get the point." See what I did there? Anyway, as an expert in Christmas confection I give you the Top 5 Christmas Cookie Recipes.
See Santa’s Reindeer!
You and the kids have to check this site out! has 24-hour webcam footage of Santa's reindeer. Also, everyday at 5pm Santa comes out to feed them and check his mailbox.

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