cocktail of the week

Sauv Blanc Punch – Cocktail of the Week
It's Sauvignon Blanc Day, a day to celebrate my favorite white wine...and one that's apparently a bit of an acquired taste.
Fear not, this drink will ease you in and open your eyes to the yum that is SauvBlanc!
Blueberry Pie Martini – Cocktail of the Week
Tomorrow (3/14) is Pi Day, a completely made up holiday to celebrate the wonder that is Pi...the mathematical constant we usually approximate as 3.14.
Well, if we're gonna celebrate a holiday, we're gonna need an appropriate cocktail, right?
Kiwi Dream – Cocktail of the Week
I love using seasonal ingredients when I cook, and cocktails are no different. There is something about fresh, ripe ingredients that just make them taste better!
I know, it's hard to think of what's in season in frosty cold February, but there's a lot to choose from!

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