Funny Craigslist ‘Missed Connections’ from Jersey Shore Women
Every once and awhile I take a took at the "missed connections" section of Craigslist just for laughs (I swear.) Recently, I spotlighted a few funny/creepy submissions from men looking for women. Time to turn the table and see what the ladies of the Jersey Shore are looking for.
Weird Free Stuff on Craigslist Jersey Shore
I know a lot of people who have had a lot of success buying and selling things on Craigslist. Have you ever browsed the "Free" section under "For Sale." There are some, um, interesting things up for grabs at no cost to you. Here are some examples...
Creepy Craigslist Missed Connections: The Jersey Shore
Craigslist is an awesome website for selling things. Tickets you can't use, furniture, and cars. Some even seek romance. But, there's a whole other side of Craigslist some people aren't aware of. They are called "missed connections." Think the guy or girl at Wawa was checking you out and t…