What Is A Reasonable Price For Gas?
I remember the day I got my license...due to a knee injury, I had to wait a few months after my 17th birthday, but in May of 2002(!), I was good to go. One of my first trips? Off to the gas station to fill up my car. 12 bucks. My, how things have changed.
5 Intersections To Avoid At The Jersey Shore
There seem to be a ton of intersections to avoid...the ones you get to and can't help but think: "A three-year-old could have designed this better..."
And so in the interest of sparing your sanity, here are 5 intersections to avoid at all costs at the Jersey Shore!
Why Are We Different People When We Drive?
Did you ever notice some otherwise nice, sweet Monmouth and Ocean County residents change when they get behind the wheel? I thought about it the other day when I was driving on the Parkway around exit 109. I was in the right lane and a guy in an SUV was the left lane. When we both tried to get in th…
Are Women Really Better With Directions Than Men?
All my life I have believed that women were better at most things than men, and I still believe it, for the most part. My opinion on women giving driving directions changed this morning though when I witnessed Liz trying to give directions to someone who was already in our parking lot. This poor gue…

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