ATM Etiquette: How Far Away Do You Stay [POLL]
I was at an ATM in Point Pleasant the other day and there was one guy making a transaction and two guys standing about 20 feet away from him just talking. I couldn't tell if they were just hanging out or waiting on line.
Ever Get Cut In Line? Awkward Moments At A Restaurant [POLL]
Ever have somebody cut you in line? What did you do? Did you say something or did you let it happen? My wife and I walked into a restaurant in Point Pleasant yesterday and were waiting to put our name in for a table and the front of the restaurant was pretty crowded. The hostess was trying…
When Is Too Late (Or Early) To Call/Text? [POLL]
It's definitely happened to finally fall asleep and **ring** **ring**. You wake up in a stupor trying to figure out what that sound is, squint at the clock, and groggily answer the phone.
"Hello?" "Oh...were you sleeping?" "IT'S 3 A.M.!…
Show Some Manners!
In this age of texting and social media, are we becoming even less polite now that we don't actually have to have conversations face-to-face?