Governor Chris Christie

Should Governor Christie’s Weight Be A Political Issue?
Governor Christie talked a lot about his weight during his visit with David Letterman. He has a good sense of humor about it and makes a lot of jokes at his own expense. He also says he's in good health. But, let's say he runs for president. Would his weight affect your…
5 New Year’s Resolutions for New Jersey
Welcome 2013! With the start of a new year, so begin the new year's resolutions. The key is keep it simple. Don't set yourself up for failure. If you pick just one of our top 5 resolutions for New Jersey, success is almost guaranteed!...
What Did You Think Of Gov. Christie’s Speech?
I stayed up to watch Gov. Chris Christie's speech last night. I'll tell you one thing. Now matter what your poltical affiliations are, it's pretty refreshing to hear someone talk about the Garden State with some pride!

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