Sleepwalking Jersey Mom Caught on Tape [VIDEO]
A Middlesex man (more like a child) filmed his mother sleepwalking and speaking nonsense. The video of the act and the mother's reaction has gone viral with over 2 million views on YouTube. See both after the jump.
‘Baby Got Back’ Sung by the Movies [VIDEO]
As seen on Good Morning America yesterday, here is one of the coolest mashups I've ever seen. A YouTuber used clips from 295 different movies to recreate Sir Mix-A-Lot's 90s staple "Baby Got Back." This is unreal! Click "Like" below if you think this is …
11 Hilarious E-Cards with a Jersey Shore Spin
It's impossible use the internet nowadays without noticing these hilariously inappropriate e-cards being shared on Facebook, Twitter and other social sites, but we wanted to see them with a more local twist.
Hilarious Custom License Plates
I was lucky enough to spend 2 hours at the MVC yesterday and saw lots of happy (yeah right) people walking out with fresh plates. They were all so basic though. So, I searched the Internet for some of the funniest custom license plates I've ever seen. I'm...

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