Hurricane Sandy

Why Didn’t Seaside’s Piers Survive Sandy?
The image of the the Star Jet Roller coaster demolished and the Atlantic is one that we'll never forget. But why didn't Seaside's pier survive when other area piers did. Here are some of the answers.
For Ortley Beach Residents, The Long Wait Ends
When Sandy hit, I was at the radio station and wouldn't be able to get home until late Tuesday, plus my wife was out of town, so the calls I got from my neighbors were the only link I had to what was happening on my rapidly flooding street.
They’re Winging It for Shore Storm Relief
A C-210 filled with cereal wings in from Indiana in the morning, and within hours families in the Toms River storm shelters are eating. A Baron G-58 filled with coats arrives from Ohio and shore storm outcasts are suddenly fending off the winter's chill.
An Amazing Superstorm Sandy Lost and Found Story
Yesterday was Veteran's Day and we would once again like to salute and give thanks to the brave men and women who served our country and, in some cases, gave the ultimate sacrifice. The timing of this story is mind blowing and unlike other Sandy stories, this one has a happy ending.
Veterans Need To Be Remembered And Honored All The Time
When the hurricane hit, we immediately turned to the people we knew could help those in need, help us get to our homes and help us get the power back on. When they arrived we treated them like heroes, and they were. And now is a time to remember what truly amazing heroes our vete…

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