Hurricane Sandy

An Amazing Superstorm Sandy Lost and Found Story
Yesterday was Veteran's Day and we would once again like to salute and give thanks to the brave men and women who served our country and, in some cases, gave the ultimate sacrifice. The timing of this story is mind blowing and unlike other Sandy stories, this one has a happy ending.
Veterans Need To Be Remembered And Honored All The Time
When the hurricane hit, we immediately turned to the people we knew could help those in need, help us get to our homes and help us get the power back on. When they arrived we treated them like heroes, and they were. And now is a time to remember what truly amazing heroes our vete…
I Will Never Take The Light Switch For Granted Again
I walked over to the light switch yesterday to turn it on and I hesitated. During the power outage, I was trying to train myself to not bother hitting the switch, since it wasn't working anyway. Since the outage lasted so long, I'm finding myself having to remind myself that it I…
I’ve Never Been Prouder To Live At The Jersey Shore
Hollywood can have there stereotypes and comedians can make their predictable jokes, but as far as I'm concerned, especially after the past two weeks, I'd rather be surrounded by residents of the great Garden State than anyone else on Earth.

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