Hurricane Sandy

Join Us For A “Point In Time” This Coming Monday
Liz and I will kick off a 13 hour live broadcast, "Point In Time", looking back at the devastation of Sandy and looking ahead to the continuing restoration of the Jersey Shore this coming Monday, March 25th at Jenkinson's in Point Pleasant Beach from 6am to 7pm.
Progress On The New Belmar Boardwalk
I took a ride with through Belmar with Diane after our visit to Kelly's yesterday morning. I hadn't been there since Gov.Christie's press conference at the groundbreaking. Seeing the new boardwalk work made me proud of the Jersey Shore's strength.
The New Normal At The Jersey Shore
When I hear a forecast that includes a storm, lately I'm  listening for wind speeds and high tides and evacuation information. Coastal flooding is on the top of all of our minds, and at least for a while, that's going to be the "new normal" here at the Jers…

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