Hurricane Sandy

So Much Ahead Of Us Before We Can Put Sandy Behind Us
For many residents of the Jersey Shore who consider themselves lucky in the aftermath of Sandy, things have gotten back to some level of normalcy. The news of the return of some of the residents to the Northern Barrier Island reminds us that it's certainly not the case for everyo…
Seaside’s Legendary Lucky Leo’s Reopens
Lucky Leo's arcade is a Seaside Heights staple. This landmark, like many, were nearly devastated by Sandy. It's only been a month and a half since landfall and Lucky's is already back open for fun. The before and after photos are unreal.
Heartbreak Surrounds End Of 2012
The tears are still fresh from Superstorm Sandy and now new ones flow over the victims of Sandy Hook Elementary School. Just when we were beginning to put words to the tragedy of a superstorm, something happens that no words can ever describe. We have seen too much of the unthink…

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