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Shore Rentals Post-Sandy? [AUDIO]
The Jersey shore certainly won't be back to normal by summer 2013, and it may never go back to the way we knew it before October 29 of last year, but officials and realtors along New Jersey's coast say renting definitely remains an option.
Best Valentine’s Day Date Ideas in Monmouth County
Guys, we are giving you plenty of notice on this one. Valentine's Day is February 14. Write that down, burn it into your brains, and whatever you do, plan something special for the one you love that day, lest you have to spend the night sleeping out in the car.
Already panicking? Here's som…
5 New Year’s Resolutions for New Jersey
Welcome 2013! With the start of a new year, so begin the new year's resolutions. The key is keep it simple. Don't set yourself up for failure. If you pick just one of our top 5 resolutions for New Jersey, success is almost guaranteed!...
Hey Jersey Shore, Are We Too Nice? [POLL]
Forget the stereotypes and forget the jokes. Sure, we have a bit of an attitude here in the Garden State, but that's what makes us charming, right? Let's face it. The truth is we're nice people here at the Jersey Shore. But, are you too nice for your own good?

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